27 August 2011

Me... over-extend myself... naaaaah

Gingerbread Girl is talking about doing a "one a day" CAL/KAL and I'm thinking of joining in. I've got a very beautiful granny square blanket that I started when my folks were down for Peanut's graduation which is currently sitting in hibernation under my end table because the thought of completing an entire blanket got to be too daunting.

Her ingenious idea is to simply do "one a day" and we check in once a week with our progress. It works with knitting as well, you could do a blanket of attached items (squares, colored rows, etc) so don't think that just because you might not crochet yet (yep, I said yet... we all wander over sooner or later... lol) that you can't participate.

She's thinking of setting up a Ravelry group to help everyone check in and such, as well as progress posts on her blog. Would y'all like to join in too?

Here are a few knitted options to mull over ~

1. Spring Squares Blanket
2. Patchwork Blanket
3. Hearts and Flowers Blanket
4. Quilt Look Blanket

(here are the search results if you want to browse all 42 pages)


You could simply learn to make a granny square, the most addictive crochet item in the universe! Just watch this...

So what do you say ~ will you join in too?


  1. Wow thats a commitment! Maybe if it was best 5 outta 7, I would think about giving it a try. Good luck!

  2. I've always thought of knitting or crocheting a blanket, but the idea of knitting something so big is overwhelming... I suppose taking it 'one square at a time' would help... What a wonderful idea!


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