21 August 2011

It's that time of year again...


This is the first school night of the year - wish us luck that she can sleep because tomorrow is going to be a very exciting day ~ new school, new grade, new friends ~ and I would like for her to have a fabulous first day.  Hobbit usually starts to lose steam around the time that school is getting out so this is going to be a bit of a transition for us.  Her school is starting an hour later, which is great, but it also means that she gets out an hour later too... right around her fussy, whiny, tired time.

I hope she does well.  I hope she makes friends.  I hope she behaves.  I hope that everything continues to be as smooth and enjoyable as this past week's registration has been.  Hobbit is excited to go tomorrow and I want that excitement to stay for as long as possible.  Last year, it was gone by the end of the first day which should have told me that that particular school was not a good fit for her.

So her outfit is laid out and pressed.  Her pumps have been polished.  Her backpack is ready and the lunch has been decided... fingers crossed we get some sleep and tomorrow goes off without a hitch.

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