21 August 2011

Sunday Snaps

We had a most eventful week, full of excitement and sorrow.  Not many photographs were shot this week but what I did take may have already been shared so please, forgive me.  This week, we...

Learned a new trick to try on Monday for removing the odors from this yarn - one word, Dawn!

Met Montague

Spent time outside in mid-90 degree heat working a bulky weight sweater while Hobbit played

Continued our journey through the 100 Acre Wood - and realized that perhaps I do need my bifocals back

Finished Mykaela's Thumbkin Cover and made cookies - you've seen the cookies, here's the cover

Spent a wonderful final week of summer vacation with my gorgeous, witty, intelligent and sprightly 1st grader
So that was our week.  Come tomorrow we embark on a new adventure - 1st grade and PTO!  We're both going to relearn how to play nicely with others... wish us luck - one of us is going to need it.

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