20 August 2011

Just sitting around... daydreaming

Pokey surprised Hobbit by taking the day off today.  They are currently on their way to their favorite fishing hole.  I love the fact that they have a fun little "Daddy/Daughter" hobby to share and build their own private memories on.  The bonus, is that I get a chance to sit around on a lazy weekend day and daydream because I don't have to think  of ways to entertain Hobbit... and this is where my daydreaming has gone...

I want to live in the pink house, on the end with a garden that has a gorgeous tree and ivy covered fence.
I want to make this sweater for me.
This saying is so very true and one I should remember more often.
Why do sexy camera bags have to be so expensive?
I'm going to do this next week.
I must find a pattern for this skirt.
I guess I should stop daydreaming and go start knitting - after all, like the quote said...

1 comment:

  1. Love the daddy/daughter day. Sounds like a perfect day!


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