13 September 2011

1 / Day Update

I decided to make the change in the shade of pink.  The original was too washed out for me so I went just a bit darker and I have to say, I am absolutely loving it!  I was able to do one square a day this week... that is, until I lent out my proper sized crochet hook.  I should be getting it back tomorrow since it's our knitting group day - then it's back to work on my blanket!

Isn't that pink perfect now?  Yeah, I think so too!
For more people chugging along on super huge project by doing one bit a day, click here.


  1. Yes Yes, it is rather perfect! :-) Just loverly in fact!

  2. I love them both and yes, I think the pink is perfect too x

  3. Your squares are looking lovely - looking forward to seeing more of the new pink!

  4. Loving the pink,look forward to seeing it all together.xxx


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