18 September 2011

Sunday Snaps

Last weekend, Pokey surprised us with a day off... so naturally, we took Hobbit bowling.

I found the perfect pink to continue on with my One A Day project... and yet, I didn't do any this week.

Hobbit was home sick at the end of the week - still sniffly today.

We bought Buddy this bone last weekend after bowling as a treat - it's almost gone now!
It's been a quiet week here.  I cleaned out a good many groups from my Ravelry listing because I either never gave them the attention they deserved or things simply died down.  I prefer my groups to be rather active so after about three month of relative silence, I tend to move on.  I did, however, join Nerd Wars this round so that should be fun.  I was hoping for participating in the House Cup but I missed the Sorting Hat festivities by one day so I'll be a "Not Quite First Year" this round and get my feet wet that way... plus, I can sit in detention and finish my Hallow Pullover for points!

I hope everyone has had a nice relaxing weekend and that today proves more of the same... I'm off to go and be productive - at least in the realm of fibery goodness.

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