01 September 2011

The celebrations has begun ~ Celebrate Color!

Celebrate Color
I have been waiting for this particular little celebration to start - and today's the day!  It is the first day of September and while the first day of Autumn isn't officially until the 23rd this year, I can't help but day dream and remember seasonal changes.

As many of y'all know, I am currently residing in Florida, land of the seasons "Hot", "Dang Hot", "Gates of Hell Hot" and "Christmas".  Last year I was tickled when Autumn showed up just in time for Christmas.  I love changing leaves and the sound of them crunching under your feet... when I lived a bit further north, I would always mark the season by the smell of burning leaves - a scent I honestly love.

Autumn, as far as color palettes go, always means earthy.  I tend to gravitate towards deep browns, mossy greens and lush rust tones.  Basically, all those gorgeous colors from the Natchez Trace trail on a perfect afternoon drive.  If you've never had that experience, please remedy it ~ you'll never forget it or regret it.  That is a section of this country that I dearly miss some days.. especially in Autumn.


  1. Ha! I love your names for the FL seasons. I grew up there, so true.

  2. i luckily didn't have to deal with all of those different levels of hot, when growing up. i love that i have my seaons. but i also LOOOVE the smell of burning leaves. totes ditto on that one. ;)

  3. The smell of burning leaves? I feel like I've missed something now. My dad always burned down branches, but I don't think leaves. Well, where I grew up in CA the trees were almost all evergreen, so we had hardly any fall. Love the leaves in SC!

  4. What does a burning leaf smell like?
    I grew up where it was freezing cold and wet in the fall. we never had to burn leaves as they just froze..haha. Thx for joining in for celebrate color hun!

  5. Welcome to Florida! I remember many times eating Thanksgiving dinner in my bathing suit as a kid... And I have never smelled burning leaves either, but the smell of a bonfire is awful good to me!

  6. Your Fall inspirations are all lovely! I'm joining in Celebrate Color, too!!! It's going to be fun!


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