11 September 2011

Sunday Snaps

These have been scrapped for a better idea and a brighter pink - loving the results.

Friday night we hung out with Peanut in her dorm - we even got a tour!  It was wonderful.
Not a lot to reflect on this week - at least not a lot that I shot pictures of which is amazing for me.  I was toying with bringing my camera to school but I don't know that I'll have to shoot since I actually work when I'm there, not sit around reenacting scenes from The Music Man... I'll be glad when the book fair is over - and apparently so will Mrs. B., the president of the PTO.  On Friday she said that she was going to "steal" me when it all ended so we'll see what in the world that means.  The first meeting is tomorrow at half past eight but that would mean a complete upheaval of our morning routine by an hour and a half and I'm not sure I want to risk a bad day for Hobbit to attend a meeting for an hour.  I'm going to have to think about that really hard but I can always explain to her the reasons why I didn't/won't make the meetings but how I do want to participate.  I could simply read the minutes to catch up... right?


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