06 September 2011

Ten on Tuesday ~ wooly goodness edition

I got my weekly email from Carole about what our topic was and I was prepared to have nothing to say about it... yet again.  Imagine my surprise when she delighted me with the subject of things you want to knit for Fall/Winter!  Oh my goodness, a topic that I will have difficulty sticking to the limited number of entries.  This was just fabulous!!  Without further ado, here are some of the delicious knits that I have queued up over on my Ravelry page...

  1. Union Jack Dress by Grace Melville
  2. Anise by Sarah Hatton
  3. Springtime in Philadelphia by Kate Gagnon Osborn
  4. Oaklet Shawl by Megan Goodacre
  5. TARDIS socks by Keladry Bonnett
  6. Litchfield by Elizabeth Doherty
  7. Smitten (a Holiday Garland) by Emily Ivey
  8. Little Lamb Sock Critter by Lion Brand Yarn
  9. Old Fashioned Sheep Toy by Sara E. Kellner
  10. Lucca by Berroco Design Team
These are in no particular order - just a sampling of the 82 items I have saved to date.

All photos used were from Ravelry pattern pages ~ all rights remain with the owners of the photographs.


  1. Eighty-two~ really!!! I think I could fill out my 10 things with just Christmas presents. All those sweaters Carole showed are luscious.

  2. The Litchfield hat and mittens are fantastic! But I fear you are a novice in the queueing category. Only 82? I have 178 currently in my queue! LOL I may need professional help :-)

  3. Great list! Your site is so happy and cheery on this gloomy Monday morning!

  4. Love how you posted your list. The handbag is so cute!

  5. The oaklet shawl is absolutely lovely. I just may have to add that to my queue, too!


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