10 September 2011

Weekend Wonderment 9/10 - 9/11

There is a precious little blogger from whom I totally nicked this idea from because I just love it.  All I did was change the name but the idea is the same ~ photo journal of what your weekend plans are with a little blurb about each.  So here we go ~

  1. Start reading my delicious new book that I have been wanting for forever.
  2. Work a round or two on my "Roustabout" Blanket.  It's basically just going to be a super huge granny square blanket.  I named it "Roustabout" because the colors remind me of the movie.
  3. Work one square of each color on my One A Day blanket.  I am really loving the slightly brighter pink with it, aren't you?
  4. Date night movie with Pokey and two classics with Hobbit.
  5. Work at least 4" on the sleeve of my sweater so I can finish for the Celebration of Color.
  6. Hobbit and I should finish our nightly chapter book this weekend.


  1. This idea is pretty good way of showing your plans for the weekend he he.

    I really like your number 3 works :) the square with the different colours in it is very pretty :)

  2. Looks like some really fun things planned. #1 is great-the book and the movie. Enjoy!


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