14 September 2011

Apparently, 20 years is considered "soon"...

At least it is by Hobbit's standards.  We had a very busy day today full of errands, cleaning and appointments - at least we were until I got hit by a mac truck of a headache that still hasn't let go and it's almost 9 p.m.  The only thing I got accomplished was taking a nap, taking copious amounts of pain reliever and getting Hobbit to the dentist.

She loves Dr. Bryan because she wants to be a dentist when she grows up and last year, he learned this little fact about her which prompted a promise between the two.  Hobbit is to go to school, get good grades and graduate so that in 20 years time she can take over his practice.  Dr. Bryan is supposed to take care of her teeth and have a ball with her, which he and his entire staff do at an amazing level.  They all love her there because she is "full of personality", as they keep saying - all of the hygienists come and sit with her for a bit so they can converse about fashion (she wore her sparkly Jesse boots today), movies (yes, Tangled is definitely worth watching) and education (of course being a dentist is a fabulous choice).  I love how special they make her feel and that she and Dr. Bryan have this great "deal" all set up. 

Every time we go in, he asks if she has graduated yet and her response is always "Soon, Dr. Bryan... soon."


  1. aw! too cute!
    I'm terrified of dentists, which stems from a traumatic visit when I was in the 2nd grade...so I'm happy she not only likes the dentist but wants to be one when she grows up.

  2. awww, thats very sweet.

    I am glad she gets on really well, and think its cute that she wants to be a dentist!


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