21 September 2011

On the mend

Feeling like "death on toast" is a vast improvement to feeling like "death warmed over" so I'll celebrate that little bit... perhaps tomorrow I can feel slightly human if the trend continues... woo hoo!

I finished my book, American Wife, and got to start The Help last night.  Oh my goodness that writing makes me homesick.  I took my Nyquil just before bed and I only made it a few pages in but mylanta, they did a good job with the dialect on this one.

Nothing excited on the agenda today - just lots of coughing, nose blowing, chapstick applying and reading.  I don't have the energy to knit at the moment since I keep dozing off and on but perhaps by this weekend I can pick up my projects again.  Right now, it's time to snuggle down with my warm coffee, my pink blanket and get back to Miss Aibilean, Miss Minny and Miss Skeeter.

What's going on in your neck of the woods?


  1. Hi there. Is this Andigal? If so, thank you for visiting my blog Simplify. I read The Help, and LOVED it. The movie too! I have the other one you read on my list to read after I finish Sarah's Key.
    I am a yarny too.
    Come on back soon. Feel better!!

  2. Hope you are your way to recovery. I am trying so hard not to catch my daughter's cold right now. Lots of hand washing!


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