05 September 2011

S is for...


There are a lot of things that will so been settled around here.  Routines.  Projects.  Goals.  Coming from a few months of being unsettled, settled is a wonderful word.

Hallows Pullover ingredients
School starts back tomorrow since today is a holiday here in the US.  That routine will be a life saver around here.  I go with Hobbit three days a week and it helps her a lot to have me there.  She loves that I am just around the corner and that we can have lunch together those days.

I am steadily working up the sleeve of my Hallows Pullover so that Pokey can have it in time for Christmas.  I have already warned him that this was going in a box so after he tries it on for me, he has to forget about it.  He laughed but promised - what, it's what my mama has always done with us when she made something.  I also have been doing well with my One A Day blanket.  I think if I just work these blanket squares during Hobbit's entire school year, I should have enough to make a Queen size bedspread for her.  My long term idea is to do one for each school year with different colors... we'll see how that pans out though.

We've really got a good thing going now with Hobbit's chore chart.  It's broken down into subsections with daily and weekly goals.  She loves getting stickers and if she can stay on green all week plus goes to bed without issue for the entire week - she'll earn her very own Starbucks gift card.  It has $6 on it which is enough for her to get 4 Hobbit-sized hot chocolates and covers tax.  She has been begging for a gift card for years - and now, she can earn one.  Plus, we figure if she does well with this then we can always refill it for a reward or get her a new one.

A stupendous week ahead of us here but it's nice to have things finally settling in.

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  1. I always wanted to earn stocks and shares with my "being good" credit - never understood that I was aiming a little high ;) Starbucks gift card seems like a much better idea

  2. So glad to hear things settling down. Well done you.


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