16 September 2011

Weekend Wonderment 9/16 - 9/18

Hobbit is home today because she woke up before 6 a.m. with a bellyache and a fever. I had her run to the potty and go back to bed. I got her all tucked in and made a pot of coffee (remind me to tell y'all tomorrow about the great coffee pot fiasco from last week). Two and a half hours later I went in to check on her - still hot and sleeping soundly so I emailed her teacher and the volunteer coordinator to let them know that we would be home today. She woke up again just after ten - fever is down but she's so congested that it breaks my heart. I got her all set up in her mushroom chair with the Disney channel for a bit - isn't she sweet ~

I love that she still answers Mickey when he asks a question during Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

So while she was taken care of for the moment, I went and got all my items set up for this post's photo.  I've got such a need to get things organized and in motion.  I am not sure if I am going to be able to do all of it with Hobbit being so under the weather but these are my aspirations - along with laundry and cleaning but who wants to photograph that?!?  If I can get at least half of these things done, I'll consider it a victory.

This weekend is going to be the jumping off point for a lot of things... organization and improvements abound!

1. I've got a sick little girl home from school today so that calls for lots of movies.
2. Finish this sleeve for my husband's sweater and start the next.
3. Finish this book so I can start my new one.
4. Decide what I am going to do with my original design test knit.
5. Map out chart for an idea I have for a Nerd Wars project.
6. Start an exercise routine because it's just time.

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  1. Wow busy weekend planned there. I hope Hobbit is feeling better now!


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