09 September 2011

Ms. Stinky Britches be damned

I'm supposed to volunteer today at Hobbit's school library.  I love the two women on staff there.  They are so sweet and funny and welcoming.  They made me feel right at home from the moment I walked up last week.  Then, I met Ms. Stinky Britches... and she has ruined the entire experience for me thus far.

Y'all know how she invaded my personal space and attempted to intimidate me by telling me she was "here first" and all that garbage - real mature, right?  Well, on Tuesday she was in fine form.  We were setting up for the book fair and this woman would go behind me and redo whatever I did.  It was so frustrating!  I kept thinking "what are you, four years old?" and finally I got to the point where I just went behind the check out desk and kept myself busy.  She even had the nerve to come up to me and say that she didn't mean to sound intimidating but I said that I was going to work M/W/F and that today was Tuesday so what was I doing here - again, invading my personal space with her freaky blank stare, bad breath and wigged out greasy hair.  I simply stated that that was not what I said at all since I won't help out when my husband is off and he's off on Wednesdays and Thursdays - then I simply walked away.  I spent most of my day Tuesday removing myself from her vicinity.  I now completely dislike going to the library.

That being said, Hobbit absolutely loves to have lunch with me.  She likes knowing that I am just outside her classroom.  Her face beams when she walks through to Art or PE or back to her classroom.  She always blows me kisses and makes hearts with her hands... the joy she shows me reminds me why I am even doing this in the first place.  I am doing this because she asked me to and she loves for me to be there - Ms. Stinky Britches be damned.


  1. Wow that lady sounds like a right charmer, I don't know why some people have to make themselves feel like they are bigger than anyone else...

    I hope she backs off you and lets you have a pleasant time in future, and not making you unhappy because her underwear is in a twist!

  2. Ok, playing devil's advocate....you have invaded her space. Maybe the only place she feels needed or in control. Altho I owuld feel as upset as you, maybe try turning it around..."oh, since you have been here so much longer than I have, maybe you could explain to me/show me/tell me..." just to see what happens. I am sure that nothing will happen immediately but maybe over time she will back off a bit if you allow her to keep some of her control....

  3. I think what danielle suggested may work but I hat giving in to such negative people whose egos needs to be pandered to!

    I love that Hobbit, is getting a positive benefit from you being there. Stay the course, ignore the idiot.

  4. Simon I agree - but a school year is a long year - and when you really want to do something for the school and your child - sometimes one of you has to choose to be the adult - and obviously the stinky bitch is NOT making that choice! Plus, there is no gaurantee that what I said would even work - but it is worth a try (besides, it might end up being fun to mess with her head!)


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