23 September 2011

Weekend Wonderment 9/23 - 9/25

See what happens when you're sick - very little "wonderment" to be had.
  1. Finish sketching up and mapping out ideas for Nerd Wars since teams will be announced Monday.
  2. Try and knit a few rows on Pokey's sleeve - it's hard to concentrate on the simple pattern to be honest with you.  I've only done about 20 rows all week.
  3. I made myself finish my other book before I even cracked the cover on this one.  I'm glad I did because I hate leaving stories unfinished... and I was able to start this book the other day and haven't really put it down since.  It's wonderful... even if it makes me homesick for Alabama.

1 comment:

  1. Oooh I am going to have to read that book. I saw the movie and loved it! So obviously the book is going to be far superior!!!!

    Sick knitting? Bootees..I think I whipped up a gazillion pairs and some hats. LOL

    Now mama! I am so sick of being sick! Tonight I am calling in the big guns! Wine my friend, wine and lots of it. Seriously I never get sick and the past two months have been the weirdest of my life. I am so over it.

    Feel better lovely!!!! hugs xoxo


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