15 September 2011

She's grounded... so now I'm grounded too.

I was all excited about going to the Florida Fiber In with my dear friend Mellie this Saturday. We had it all planned out for a day full of fun.  First, the festival and then we were going to go Downtown Disney to wander around and have some supper… but now… now I don’t get to go. Why, you ask - because Hobbit is grounded.

She was really bad at school today. I mean bad to the point that I am honestly surprised I wasn’t called kind of bad. So now she is grounded all weekend… and when she’s grounded, I’m grounded. I tried to noodle out a way that I could still go but she loves yarn stuffs too so there was no way to work it.

I was a good girl who has been saving her pennies for several months just to have a bit of pocket money in case there was a pretty skein of fibery goodness and now I can't go.  I wish I could stamp my feet, throw a fit and run to my room just to cry in my pillow but I have to be the adult this time.

Sometimes, being a parent totally stinks.


  1. I think you should explain t her how disappointed you are that all of YOUR plans are ruined. Let her know that her actions dont just affect her - they affect others too! I am sorry yo dont get to have fun...

  2. That doesn't seem fair at all! Why not leave the whippersnapper with the husbeast for the weekend?

  3. I was going to say the same too - could your hubby perhaps look after your daughter whilst you look at all the fibrous fun?

  4. I don't normally respond in here but some replies don't have emails associated with them so I'll answer in this thread...

    Pokey's "weekend" is actually on Wednesday and Thursday - he works on Saturday and Sunday - otherwise, I would just leave her home with her daddy and still enjoy my fun.

  5. Not to step on any toes or anything but have you asked your little one why she behaved the way she did? Sometimes actions come on as a result of something far out of a childs grasp of understanding how to deal with it, so they act out and ultimately get punished without solving what was bothering them in the first place. Maybe she had a very good reason, maybe you could work something out with her. Then you could both be happy. I think by punishing yourself as well as her she is going to feel a lot worse than her crime warrants. I am not condoning her actions, I don't know what she did, but I do know that in schools there is often a lot of factors that don't get bought up. The teacher does not always listen to all parties and the teacher always knows best! (I have worked in schools in my past)

    Here is my email if you would like to blast me...or just have a chat...



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