16 September 2011

Ending the Alphabet

I'm tired of this meme and so therefore, I have decided to end it early - for the rest of the letters, hold tight because here we go ~

U - uninspired... seems to be my mood when it comes to finishing this one single sweater but I will finish it because for as much as I am uninspired to work on it, I have a deeper desire to see Pokey wear it.

V - Vogue... they have come out with some rather interesting items this season... and they've also put up some classics for free on their site - I've downloaded several and can't wait to get started yarn shopping for them.

W - Weight Watchers... not knitting oriented but I did start their program last night so we'll see how that goes.  Don't worry, not turning this place into some health bit biz, just going to work on getting my jiggly bits under control.

X - I am a xanthocomic who is somewhat of a xenagogue with a deep sense of xenodocheionology and is overly xenodochial... that was fun.

Y - Yarnista - she's a goddess of wooly goodness.  If you don't know her or haven't heard of her, you should... go... now... say hi - you won't regret it.

Z - sing along with me...

and that is the end of that.  I just had enough but I couldn't simply quit... so this was the next best thing.  To keep up with the others, just go here and wander around.  Thanks for tagging along - now, on to bigger and brighter things!


  1. Awww, we'll miss the weekly surprise but you can say for sure that you not a quitter!! Just an "end earlier." lol! :-D

  2. Sorry you are finishing, but I do know what you mean. Starting to struggle now. What a clever post and thanks for the tip about Vogue.


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