30 September 2011

Shame on you, Knit Magazine

They don't pay their designers!
I just heard from a friend of mine that she has not been paid in almost three months for her work in Knit Magazine.  Three months!  Several other people haven't been getting paid either - technical editors and knit designers.  This is their livelihood - no paycheck means no income for these people.

If it weren't for the hard work and dedication of the technical editors and knitwear designers, Knit Magazine would have nothing to print.  How do you think they would take it if we all took their magazine, without paying, for one whole quarter of the year?  I think they might be a bit peeved, don't you?

I, for one, am not going to purchase their magazine any longer until they start showing more ethical business practices - start paying those whom they have been neglecting for the past three months!  If you would like to see how outraged the knitting community is, just look up on Twitter because the designers are being very vocal - as they should.  Who's going to join me?

Knitwear designers unite!  Ethical treatment and wage disbursement for all!!

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