27 September 2011

And the waiting continues

Today is the day we find out our teams for Nerd Wars.  I have been on pins and needles all day.  I know that the Game Master has to sleep at some point but doesn't she know that I haven't be able to concentrate, constantly checking my email for messages, Ravelry group boards and pacing back and forth so much that I may have worn a trail in my carpet!  I know I've been thinking about hardwood floors but come on!

Sure, I may have my first spot dedicated to a new group but what if there weren't enough members and I get put in my second group (which after much investigation would have actually been my first group)... or if that group were full and I get placed in my third group (which, following the same course of logic would have been my second group)... do you not know what kind of torture this is for an OCD planner Type A personality like myself - it's a nightmare!!

Literally, just now, my email notification went off and I about had a heart attack thinking that it finally showed up.  The one single letter that will decide where I am to spend my next three months of hard crafting work - but it was just someone from commenting on a photo from my 365Project.  I think it might be time to just close the lid and get a shower or take a nap or read a book... anything but sitting here, willing my notification letter to arrive... but first, let me just check my messages.

1 comment:

  1. Have fun with Nerd Wars! Can't wait to see the lovelies your produce!


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