26 September 2011

New day, new week, new opportunities

It helps to have a positive outlook on things even when you feel icky.  I keep telling myself that today is a new day of a new week full of new opportunities, trying to pump myself up and feel better.  After being ill for what feels like forever, one can get a bit down in the dumps... you know?

Yesterday, when I started to feel a bit better, I actually accomplished all of the laundry.  Wore me smooth out, which is so sad, but it's done.  Today, my goal is to clean the living room.  Just the living room.  Nothing big or too daunting - although, times like these are when my living room feels big and daunting.  Why is it that when you are sick, the house just becomes one big pile if messiness?  Okay, perhaps it isn't fair of me to make such a statement, let me rephrase.  Why is it when I'm sick, my house becomes one big pile of messiness?

I know when I want a bit of a giggle and am playing around with Pokey, I will make some over the top martyr-like comment about how I'm the only one who ever does anything around here and if it weren't for me nothing would get done (be sure to read that with an over the top whiny and dramatic voice with just a hint of a giggle behind it to get the full effect)... but I'm starting to wonder, as I look into what is supposed to be my lovely living room area, if it isn't just a tad true.

There are shoes of all sizes and colors under the coffee table, random books, papers, toys and cups sitting in there.  I didn't leave them there.  The only thing that I have out that should be put away is my pink fleece blanket that my best friend in the universe gave me a few years back.  I always pull that out and curl up under it when I don't feel well because it is so super soft... and pink!  The rest of it has fallen off of various family members and left to rot because the magical force that usually resides in the house that picks up all things dropped has been ill... and apparently, they don't notice that things have fallen off of them and accumulated all over the living room.

So as I sit here and listen to alarm clocks going off and snooze buttons being hit, I think of something funny... You know that dumb joke guys toss around saying that the cure for sexual prowess in a woman is wedding cake.  Welp, the cure for neat freaky cleanliness in a man is a wedding ring... oh my goodness, almost choked to death suppressing my giggles.  I actually told that to Pokey last night and you know he did... actually put his cup in the dishwasher (not the sink) - like he just proved me wrong.  I did really well, I did not laugh while he was in the room - no wait, I did laugh and so did he so that made it fair.

I guess I could think of it as job security, or that they want me to feel needed, or that they wouldn't be able to survive without me... anyway you look at it - I've got a living room to clean today and house full of people I love that need to start their days.  It's time to make the rounds and wake everyone up, letting them know that it is indeed a new day of a new week full of new opportunities.


  1. I try not say too many over the top martyr-like comments, but some times I just wanna whine! Lol.

  2. LOL I had a bit of a giggle reading this. All the time thinking, yep sounds pretty normal to me. My husband came and sat next to me the other night and was playfully whining that he wanted some crackers and dip and he would like for me to be waiting on him hand and foot (if you please), I just as playfully slapped him in the head and then suggested he bend over so I could introduce him to my foot! I did get him his crackers and surprisingly for once he did clear up after himself!

    Oh and as for myself whinging, ds12 was telling his friend how to "work" the dishwasher the other day. "You just open the door and put the dishes in!" I piped up with "Yeah and then the cleaning fairy comes and puts in the powder and switches it on! Amazing!" He then turned around with a really serious look and said "Well if the cleaning fairy does it, why are you always whinging so much about having to do everything around here?" Little smarty pants.

  3. Hope you feel better soon! It really stink when the ickes seems to hang on.


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