07 September 2011

Knit and sip

I finally made it to the knitting group today.  I dropped Hobbit off at school and arrived at Starbucks about thirty minutes early.  I felt a bit odd being the first one there but figured that is how things would turn out since I wasn't as far away as I had thought initially.

After getting situated on the big plush leather sofa, I set in to knitting.  I got stared at and whispered about for the first few minutes I was there, working away on my sleeve.  After about ten minutes, the apparent amount of time for my nerves to die down, I got up and ordered a cup of coffee - my namesake of course - and then returned to my squishy spot on the sofa... wondering what time it was and how much longer I was to wait.

Just then, my knitting friend walked in the door.  She put her load down, got herself a cup of joe and pulled out a beautiful green project from her bag.  While we were sitting there, knitting and sipping, we were approached by one of the baristas who asked what we were doing - knitting or crocheting.  We explained that we were knitting, both of us were using circular needles but we could both crochet as well.  The young girl brightened up at this statement and somehow the conversation came around that I would teach her how to make a granny square on her break.  I figured that she would go back to work and that would be that until it was time to leave.. I figured wrong!

A bit later, the same little barista came and sat with us.  I promptly got out my crochet hook and some of the Pink Camo yarn that I had in my bag.  She knew how to make a chain so off we went and by the end of her break, she had a wonky little granny square.  I let her keep the hook and yarn until next time so that she could practice.  She said that she will be working next Wednesday and she promises to come back and show us how she got on this week.

That's the power of knitting - warm, fuzzy type people making warm, fuzzy type projects makes for warm, fuzzy type moments... that's a lot of warm fuzzies!


  1. How I would soooooooo love that there was a knitting group in my area. Sadly, there is nothing so I crochet, knit and spin on my own, in my own little world. My non blogging friends just don't get me and think I am a bit weird for all the fibre related things I do but you know what, I don't care, cos I love what I do, but I do wish I had a little group to do my yarny thing with. :(

  2. Aw, that's so nice. I wish there was any kind of knitting group local to me. The only knitters I know are online and far away (apart from my mum, who is also far away)


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