26 September 2011

Isengard - I've seen it.. and it's awesome

After over 7 hours, I was able to get patched and in game... and Knitwise went to explore the new areas.

My lvl 52 hunter, Knitwise Windingweeds (area is made for 65+) overlooking Isengard area.

Knitwise Windingweeds, founder of Bombadil's Band of Merry Misfits, taking in the view of Isengard.

Isengard - newest update released today for Lord of the Rings Online game.
Oh yeah, I'm letting my freak flag fly high tonight!  It took me 7 hours worth of attempts to long on and get the patch downloaded from the over-crowed servers.. and then another thirty minutes just to get back online and ingame.  I need a new flash-boost drive because this update made my 4GB one obsolete.  Oh well, small price to pay for such fabulousness.  Enjoy a first glimpse... and let your freak flag fly proudly today - and every day.

1 comment:

  1. Cool! Good luck on the game. I wonder if my hubby knows about this game.


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