02 September 2011

Nice end to the week

I have had a most interesting day, to say the least.

I started my first day volunteering at Hobbit’s library. It was wonderful and a lot of fun - up until this other volunteer walks up to me after we’d been working together for a bit and says “Not to steamroll you but what am I supposed to do now if you are going to be here all day? I was here first you know - all week - so what am I supposed to do with you here all day?” Needless to say, I was very uncomfortable with the entire exchange - even though all I said was “I don’t know” and looked rather sheepish. The lady stormed out of the library and I was headed into the office when I saw that the librarian was there so I explained what just happened and how I don’t do drama so if my helping out is going to cause some in anyone’s life, I can just stay home. The librarian was adamant that I should return and she would deal with the other person who apparently just got her nose out of joint and needed to be pet. Whatever - I would tell her to find another place to lend a hand if she felt that way but that’s me.

I also had a message from the store manager of the Walmart where I had that issue on Tuesday. The skinny of it is that the one associate has been reprimanded for her behavior and the pharmacist is no longer an issue, as she has been removed from her position there so would I please come and transfer my prescriptions. I will apparently be receiving a letter in the post along with a $60 gift card so my refills are covered. I did refuse the card because that wasn’t why I called but he insisted so I allowed it. I must say - with the power of one email and one call, I was contacted by the VP of Marketing, VP of Pharmacy Division, District Manager and Store Manager. I also learned from James, the store manager, that he was indeed on duty that night and he most certainly has power of her - which he exercised to it’s fullest extent.

Now, I’m going to kick my shoes off because my feet are killing me, open a soda and sit back for a few minutes before I have to figure out what to make for supper.  Just might end up being a bowl of cereal and a bit of Gilmore Girls... with a bit of knitting in my super huge comfy blue chair.

So with all that we have been through, this has been a nice ending to the week... now bring on the weekend!

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  1. That other volunteer was completely out of line! Instead of trying to ge to now you, and being grateful for light hands making light work she tries to get rid of you?!

    Oh boy! How rude! Don't be chased off! She sounds ridiculous!


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