04 September 2011

Keyword search results

Every now and again I take a look at my blog statistics and gaze in wonderment at how many people take time to visit me.  It's always amazing to me that anyone actually reads my fodder but I am overjoyed that so many do.  I took a gander at my "keyword search results" section and had a great laugh so I thought I would share the results with you.  Here we go ~
  1. a 13 year old girl with glasses and blonde hair
  2. keep calm and carry yarn
  3. dutch girls love
  4. "peppermint mocha mama"
  5. corinne mccormack readers
  6. ereader case diy
  7. granny square afghan + baby
  8. pattern cat
  9. peppermint mocha mama i want one
  10. peppermint mocha mams blog
So there are the results... and only 2 make sense to me... the fourth and sixth entry.  Oh well - makes you wonder how those things come up with their 'results', doesn't it... because I totally resemble a 13 year old girl with glasses and blonde hair.


  1. My most recent one was "fabulas friday crats"

    Not entirely sure how that led to me!

    I also get people (repeatedly) looking for geometric painted wall designs... I don't think I've ever posted anything about that!

  2. I like looking at my search results too, it's fun to see how people make it to you!


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