04 September 2011

Sunday Snaps

All the rain every day has given us some fabulous sunsets.

Hobbit has had one roller coaster of a week... I pray that we are pulling into the station for a smooth ride now.

I've been working on a new group project hosted by Gingerbread Girl called One A Day.

Pokey and I worked on cleaning up the front yard - word to the wise, Monkey Grass is never a good idea.

Hobbit and Buddy are having a great time camping in the living room for this holiday weekend.
That has been our week.  It's been full of rain, tears, new adventures and welcomed giggles.  It looks like things may be making a positive turn.  Only time will tell but each day seems a bit brighter than the day before - always a good sign.  Here's to a continued upward trend for the week ahead!

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