23 September 2011

Blame my folks, it's genetic

I was born stubborn.  I have this deep seeded belief that I can "fix" anything... even illness that requires an actual doctor - but only when it involves me.  All other family members are taken to said doctor the minute my comfort level is exceeded... and my threshold is quite low with them because I am a worrier.  Me.. I can be stubborn as all get out and wait forever and a day before I will finally admit defeat and go see the doctor.

Time of defeat - 1:30 p.m. yesterday.  I couldn't breathe without whistling or coughing up a lung.  I hurt all over - I honestly think I coughed so hard that I pulled a muscle in my back/shoulder area.  I had had enough so I made an appointment and went to see my doctor.  Turns out, I have a really bad case of Bronchitis.  Nice.  So I took my prescription down to Publix and they have this nifty little "free antibiotic program" and it just so happens that my doctor, wise as he is, requested one on the list.  Bonus - free medicine!  -10 points though because the medicine makes my belly very unhappy but hey, I'm just starting to feel better so maybe I'll only take away 5 points.

I spent this morning - all of this morning - talking/Skyping with Peanut.  It was wonderful to just hang out and catch up on everything.  We wandered around campus together, had breakfast, hung out in the lounge and her room, had lunch and just enjoyed each others company.  I love that her entire campus is wifi connected so she just pulls me up on her computer wherever she is and we hang out.  It makes it not seem so far away when I can "stroll" around with her.

Hobbit has been on green all week and I am so proud of her.  Pokey and I have been saving since the beginning of the year to get Florida Resident Annual Passes for the family for Christmas.  I was given some heartbreaking news that Peanut won't be home for Christmas because her ride flaked out on her and summer break is up in the air at the moment.  When you are told to "suck it up... stop acting like a girl and just get used to Skype" you kind of feel like you've been sucker punched... still stings to write it out actually.  Anyway, we were able to save enough money for Disney's new down payment plan since apparently... well... you know.  We're going to surprise Hobbit with it this weekend.

I'm going to go and read for a little bit before I have to leave to pick her up from school... man, I hope she stayed on green today so we can do this surprise - she'll be so excited and understand better than when you do good things, good things happen to you.

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  1. Ugh being sick is the worst! Sorry you are under the weather. Take care of your self and drink lots of warm fluids.


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